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(814) 266-8840

865 Eisenhower Blvd.
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Hours vary by therapist. In general, sessions are available on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Adult Therapy

Adult outpatient therapy services focus primarily on the individual and provide a safe, supportive and confidential outlet for adults suffering from any variation of psychiatric or emotional distress. Licensed and trained professionals create and adhere to goals for treatment and foster professional relationships with each patient. Adult outpatient individual therapy provides the opportunity for the patient to explore growth areas and feelings on a weekly or biweekly basis.

While not an all-inclusive list, some issues addressed during individual therapy include:

Couples & Marriage Therapy

Couples and marriage therapy emphasizes the relationship between spouses and/or partners, most often focusing on improving communication and resolving conflicts. Couples work with therapists to acknowledge growth areas within their romantic relationships and determine best practices and plans of action to improve current levels of functioning within that relationship.

Family Therapy

While adult outpatient therapy focuses on the individual, the target with family therapy is to repair and mend relational issues within the family unit. The ultimate goal of family therapy is to improve communication and concentrate on problem-solving and conflict resolution. Therapists meet with family members together to explore and address disturbances within the family dynamic and identify areas of improvement and interventions to develop these areas.

Psychological Testing

Behavioral Health Services provides psychological testing for patients who may have concerns of mental health and appropriate and/or exact diagnosis for either themselves or for their children. Through testing, a psychologist can more accurately determine if a patient meets criteria for specific conditions and diagnoses, at which point services may be directed more precisely and efficiently.

Psychological testing includes screenings for Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also provide evaluations for the Police Academy, Bariatric Surgery, and School Readiness. Visit our Psychological Testing page to find out more.

LGBT Focused Therapy

Behavioral Health Services provides a specialty area in which patients identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning or any orientation/identity may engage in therapy with licensed and trained professionals. Services intend to foster a community of support and safety in regard to gender identity and address unique challenges patients face on a regular basis.